Plastic Systems, Inc.

At Plastic Systems, Inc., we represent 15 different companies, whom we assist with product and system design. Contact us for prices and availability.

E.S.P.- Energy Saving Products

High & Low Pressure Hydronic Fan Coil Units: For heating and cooling; make-up air in new and retrofit construction.
Hi-Velocity Soft-Air Home Comfort Systems: A fan coil for space heating and make-up air. Eliminates temperature gradients, dead air spaces, and provides the highest possible indoor air quality. This low-velocity JH series can be used new or as a furnace replacement.

Spunstrand Inc.

Filament wound FRP Commercial ducting.  Water-tight underslab HVAC ductwork.  Mechanical and energy code approved.  Standard FSK or pre-insulated in R-5.3.

Contact us via phone or e-mail for information about residential HVAC systems.

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