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At Plastic Systems, Inc., we represent 15 different companies, whom we assist with product and system design. Contact us for prices and availability.

Aermec Air Conditioning

Chillers, Reverse Cycle Chillers and Fan Coils.  Residential models 3 tons up to 8 tons and commercial models from 14 to 266 tons.  Heat Pumps or Chillers come with optional storage tanks and integral pumps.  Aermec individual in-room fan coils are touted as the world’s quietest and come in choices of three speed, inverter drive and electric strip heat options.

E.S.P.- Energy Saving Products

High & Low Pressure Hydronic Fan Coil Units: For heating and cooling; make-up air in new and retrofit construction.
Hi-Velocity Soft-Air Home Comfort Systems: A fan coil for space heating and make-up air. Eliminates temperature gradients, dead air spaces, and provides the highest possible indoor air quality. This low-velocity JH series can be used new or as a furnace replacement.

Ultra-Sun Technologies, Inc.

Makers of Sun-Pure photo catalytic air purifiers. You get three technologies in one purification system. The electrostatic filter removes allergens, while photo-catalytic oxidation destroys chemicals and odors, and ultra-violet lights kills germs and bacteria.

Spunstrand Inc.

Filament wound FRP Commercial ducting.  Water-tight underslab HVAC ductwork.  Mechanical and energy code approved.  Standard FSK or pre-insulated in R-5.3.

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